Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

peacockMindfulness-Based Psychotherapy is a therapeutic approach that draws on the wisdom of mindfulness practice as a healing strategy for stress reduction, depression, anxiety, anger, grief and cultivating an deepened sense of self awareness and wellbeing. Using techniques such as deep breathing and guided relaxation, Romona assists you in identifying sensations in the body in the here and now.

The sensations are connected to thoughts and reactions arising in the Now, which are typically reverberations of long standing fearful, self-critical, and judgmental thought patterns and belief systems from the past. Through therapeutic process, Romona works with you to unearth the root of defeating patterns, release them, and begin to exist in the present moment free from the wounds of the past.

You will learn to use the tools of breath, movement, and meditation to achieve self-sufficiency so that mindfulness becomes a life-long strategy, a way of life. The gift of this practice is not limited to reduced symptoms, but includes increased energy, confidence, self-awareness, and living with ease.


blueHypnosis has long been used in conjunction with psychotherapy to address fear, anxiety, addiction, phobias, trauma, grief, and depression. Hypnosis techniques induce a deeply relaxed, trance-like state in which the chatter of the conscious mind suspends briefly, and the wisdom of the body and the unconscious mind come forward. The answers to our questions, the resolutions to our conflicts, the capacity to heal our pains-it all resides within us. But we forget.

The hypnotic state helps us to remember. The brain, the mind, and the body have a way of becoming mechanical, habitual and attached to old patterns. Those patterns drive us but they do not always serve us. In hypnosis, we interrupt those patterns, those mechanisms, those old nasty habits, and we create space for an alternative response. A response that does serve us. In essence, we rewire our brains, evolve out of an old mechanism and into a new one that is more effective, supportive, and healthy.


Yoga and psychotherapy blend together seamlessly in the realm of cultivating self-awareness, shedding unhealthy patterns, and healing. Yoga philosophy, mindfulness , meditation, and breath are all wisdom practices that enhance one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The practice of physical asanas or postures deepens your awareness of the patterns of your body.

The patterns of the body are deeply connected to the patterns of the mind and vice versa. In exploring the body through asana, there is an inevitable exploration of the mind, emotions, and spirit. As we re-align the body, undoing those patterns that cause discomfort, and re-establishing physical alignment that is stable, we establish a stable and strong sense of self.
At Therapy To Evolve, yoga philosophy informs the psychotherapeutic process; certain breath practices, mudras (hand gestures), and basic seated postures are woven in as the need arises.

For studio classes, check out www.reflectionsyoga.com and join Romona for her weekly Bare Bones Basics class to get a sense of her teaching style.

Corporate Yoga

In addition to private yoga sessions and classes in the studio, TTE offers 30 minute Wisdom Sets specifically designed for the conference room or cubicle. In thirty minutes, Romona leads the team at the office through a series of 2-5 minute stretching, breath, movement, and meditation techniques that effectively reduce stress, neutralize anxiety, cultivate clarity and focus, and enhance efficiency. No traveling outside of the office, no changing clothes, wellness right at your fingertips.

The benefits of mindfulness, breath, and movement in the workplace are well-known these days; having alternatives to caffeine and sugar to get through the midday lull is invaluable. Ours is an age of expanding consciousness, and to bring it into the workplace in a pragmatic and accessible way will only accelerate the growth that is inevitably occurring in you and your team at work. For more information about how to schedule weekly sessions at your establishment, contact us.


Reiki is a system of energy healing that originated in Japan. It is a subtle form of healing that involves deep presence and unabashed faith in the grace of universal consciousness and life force, which this tradition refers to as ki, other traditions call it qi, chi, or prana. Romona has been attuned at the Shinpi-den level of Gendai Reiki ho from the Gendai Reiki Healing Association. Reiki aids in the therapeutic process in the form of a subtle yet palpable nourishing presence in the space with Romona.