Evolution is inevitable, it is what we are here to do. What does that look like for you?

To dread going to bed at night because you anticipate racing thoughts or restlessness to keep you wide awake is a maddening experience. Sometimes people tell me about how they rarely feel joy or pleasure, daily activities feel unbearable, and focusing on normal tasks feels impossible. What about feeling paralyzed with fear in social situations or struggling to feel comfortable in relationships, have you been there? Or, maybe you had a bad panic attack once and now you are constantly haunted by the fear of it happening again. I have also heard some folks describe the despair of not knowing who they are, where they belong, and worrying that they are terribly behind everyone else in this crazy rat race of life.

Whatever fury of dys-ease is plaguing you, it is clear that you cannot go on like this and you need help to change.

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to do it alone; with a safe space and good guide, these crippling feelings and thought patterns can be collapsed and released.

Many people land on this site because they are seeking help with debilitating anxiety, depression, overwhelm, tension headaches, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, flashbacks, shame, fear, resentment, sadness and gloom, isolation, and/or chronic fatigue.These feelings, unpleasant as they may be, indicate that you are unplugged from the rich, deeply wise, and true essence of yourself.

Negative emotions and thought patterns are simply pieces of information to help figure out the blockages in your system. The good news is, we can and will work together to dismantle those blockages, and find the way back to You.

After moving through the process at TTE, people have reported feeling greater clarity, joy, ease, brightness, focus, self-confidence, vitality, self-awareness, improved communication, ease in relationships, and inspiration.

Check out Services at TTE to learn more about how the process unfolds; if you have resonance with what you read, feel free to reach out and schedule an appointment today.