TTE’s mission is to use a blend of eastern and western methods in psychology and wisdom practice to aid individuals in healing past pain, releasing dysfunctional patterns of the mind, and growing into an emotionally and mentally evolved state of being.

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Evolution is inevitable, it is what we are here to do. What does that look like for you?

Romona founded Therapy To Evolve both to offer psychotherapeutic support and more importantly, to guide in the process of unraveling dysfunctional patterns to allow for expansion into one’s full and resplendent Self. Therapy To Evolve uses mindfulness based talk therapy, breath and meditation, movement and visualization to facilitate a deep experience of healing, growing, and shedding old habits which no longer serve. Romona works with individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, anger, and relationship issues. She creates a nourishing space for individuals who are seeking acceptance, clarity, empowerment and…evolution.

Psychotherapy is different from other healing arts in that it is a consistent space of support. On a weekly basis you will be met with a compassionate and objective ear and heart. There is no judgment, only acceptance. There is no enabling, only compassionate confrontation of lies you tell yourself which keep you limited. You resolve inner and outer conflicts, and in the process, enter deeply and steadfastly into your truest You. At Therapy To Evolve, you are seen in your purest potential. The goal is to help you see yourself that way too